Zumba the Latin inspired dance workout that we are proud to say we brought you  in 2009 Susan Spinks  the original Zumba instructor in the area . 2009 saw a huge change  this was around the time of the recession and it was crazy how busy we became almost over night in such terrible financial times. We brought back happiness and laughter and fun  A great time for the fitness industry we are still loving every second of every class always bringing in new moves new routines new styles of music to keep our classes fresh and thriving. Fay is part of the Zumba team having trained in 2017. Our motto is if its not fun they wont come we have seen so many instructors come and go and are incredibly proud top be the first and still one of the busiest classes in the area. If you haven’t done our Zumba you need to we guarantee results its not just dance its aerobic with over 20 years instructing experience to add variety and flare to our routines. £4 pay as you go free in memberships