Indian Head Massage

The physical benefits experienced from Indian Head Massage may include:

  • Improved blood flow to head and neck, bringing with it oxygen and nutrients to nourish the body’s cells and promote healing
  • Lymphatic drainage to the head and neck is stimulated and increased, therefore waste materials from the body are eliminated more efficiently
  • Relieves muscular tension and improves muscle tone
  • Improves mobility of joints
  • Helps to ease headaches and migraine
  • Relieves mental strain and aids concentration
  • Relieves sinusitis and congestion – persistent snorers might experience up to three nights of trouble-free sleep after the massage
  • Scalp massage relieves tension from the scalp and increases blood supply to the area, thereby improving the condition of the hair and increasing the rate of hair growth
  • Revitalises the whole body

    Psychological benefits may include:

  • Alleviates stress, anxiety and depression
  • Helps the body to achieve a state of equilibrium – a balanced feeling of peace and calm
  • Clears the mind

    Subtle Benefits:

  • Re-balances the flow of energy through the body
  • Stagnant energy is released

    The use of oils can also provide further beneficial effects.