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Bellyfit® Enterprises is devoted to moving women in a way that is strong, sexy and sacred. By blending the power & wisdom of ancient practices, with the research, technology and trends of the modern world, Bellyfit® classes offer much more than just ‘a workout’. Intelligently designed by women, for women, Bellyfit® classes offer a full body, full of spirit, extraordinary exercise experience inspired by dance, fitness and Yoga. The Bellyfit® Choreographers draw inspiration from many cultural dances and practices and they're always expanding their horizons to include more music and moves that not only strengthen the body, but also our connection to Source. Always safe, effective and fun, our mission is to help you feel amazing in your body, no matter what your age, size, ability, race or faith. With hundreds of instructors currently certified to teach Bellyfit® in over 15 countries around the world and dozens of home workout videos now available, Bellyfit® is moving thousands of women every day toward more self love and JOY. We invite women to embrace the present moment while simultaneously connecting them to their ancient roots and empowering them for the future. Every nation around the world has ancient and modern rituals whereby people gather together to celebrate and honour the cycles of the body, the cycles of nature and the cycles of the cosmos, through movement, music, community and culture. These ancient rituals help to maintain a balance between the Yin and Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine, the dark and the light and yet these important rituals are being wiped out by modern technology and social unrest. Bellyfit® urges us back to this ancient wisdom of the body with a refreshing, modern approach. When we find time on a regular basis to move, sweat, have fun and connect with other women in an inclusive, collaborative environment, we are uplifted and empowered, thereby uplifting and empowering those around us. We are waking up to the natural beauty and power that is within us and creating ways in which to honour, heal & express the Feminine, all with the goal of uniting our planet. Over the years, our innovative Founder Alice Bracegirdle and her incredible team of choreographers and movement experts, have developed 3 unique formats to serve women of all ages and abilities.

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