November New Timetable Coming Soon

We will be running current timetable until Thursday November the 1st then we start with new timetable. We have power step, glow fitness bounce mix, powerhoop party, hitt box fitt and for those that struggle to sleep and need to relax and destress or maybe you just want to chill new destress and relax 15 minutes of bliss before the weekend.

Saturday the 10th of november is the first week for the evening class!!!!

Weekend Evening Classes

Due to demand and having watched attendance over the last 6 months we are trialing weekend evening classes so this is our Weekend Timetable and hours Starting November.

Saturday Pilates 10.30-11.30

Saturday 5.30-6.15  Zumba Originals 6.15-6.30  Box fitt

Sunday kpopx fitness 10.30 -11.30

Sunday 5.30- 6.30  Kick Ass  Toning.

We will be open 10.00 till 12.00 in the gym