Bellyfit Master Class

Saturday November the 30th we are really lucky to have the amazing Eeke Marks flying over from the Netherlands to train us as Bellyfit instructors. 

We have a master class with Eeke from 9.30 till 10.30 this is a free taster to show you how brilliant this class is. Bellyfit is the worlds only standardized, holistic fusion of Fitness, Bellydance  and Yoga exclusively for women, Join  us and see why thousands of women around the world are flocking to this movement that makes them feel strong ,sexy and soulful. Fitness is more than just one thing we aim to bring you so much variety that you cover every aspect of fitness, Physical fitness, Social fitness, Mental Fitness, Medical fitness, and Nutritional fitnessthese are  all important aspects of being totally fit. So join us on November the 30th 9.30 till 10.30 be the first in the Uk to experience Bellyfit.